Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Voices from the past

Check out FutureMe.org for something completely different:

You write a letter/e-mail to someone and specify the date -- IN THE FUTURE -- when it is to be delivered. It can be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow... a day next year... or the year after that... or 10 years out... 20 years out... whatever date you specify.

FutureMe.org reports that it has 350,262 letters "written to the future" and counting...

It occurs to me that as the internet becomes a more social place, with personal blogs, photo galleries and such, it's breaking through barriers such as physical dimension and -- with something like FutureMe.org -- perhaps the barrier of physical time.

I can already post to this blog from an e-mail account. I have a "magic address" to which I send an e-mail message. Whatever I put as the subject of the e-mail shows up as the subject of the blog entry. And whatever's in the body of the e-mail shows up as the body of the blog entry.

Hmmmmmm... I may have a way to to communicate to friends and loved ones for years after I am no longer around to do so...

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