Monday, January 22, 2007

Zsa-Zsa or Eva Gabor dead

Listen to Doyle Redland's report from The Onion Radio News.


Anonymous said...

Eva Gabor has passed on. She died on July 4, 1995. Zsa Zsa is doing well and is going to be turning 90 on Feburary 6.

Anonymous said...

For a cast list of Green Acres --
living and deceased --
go to

Alas, so many are gone: Oliver, Lisa, Mr Haney, Hank Kimball, Fred and Doris Ziffel and their "son" Arnold, Newt Kiley,Uncle Joe ("movin' kinda slow"), and Eunice Douglas -- Oliver's mother -- who strangely was only six months older than her son.

Anonymous said...

...Lisa's Recipes

She's certainly not going to be opening a successful restaurant any time soon. But sometimes Lisa's culinary efforts would save the day (Who can forget the "hotcake shingles" or the my personal favorite, the "hotcake leftovers head gasket!"). Here's a list of some of the items that might be showing up on the menu, if you happened by Green Acres during mealtime.

Vaffles (Hostscakes pressed in a waffle iron)
Veatcakes (Hotscakes with stalks of veat [wheat] mixed in)
Onions hotscakes
Fried oatmeal - dry
Spanish omelet with whole green pepper, tomato and onion
Eggs fried in the shell
Eggs benedict
Crepe suzette (flaming hotscake)
Picture of bacon and eggs in bottom of fry pan
Canned bananas
"Homemade" preserves that Mrs. Ziffel taught her how to make (Buy jam from store, peel off labels)
Banana Jelly
Pizza hotcakes
Toast (she put two slices of bread in the toaster, put the toaster in the oven, and viola!)
Croissants (Hotscakes batter in the shape of a croissant)
Hotscakes made with sauerkraut juice

Hot water soup
Peanut butter and sardine sandwich
Peanut butter and caviar sandwich
Do it yourself peanut butter kit
Tuna fish and jelly sandwiches
Liverworst, jelly and ketchup sandwiches
Caviar sandwiches
Hotcake sandwiches
Tortillas (Made out of paper plates)
Chicken Sandwich (Two GIANT slices of bread with a rubber chicken inbetween)

Hotscakes Hash (Made from hotscakes Oliver didn't eat for breakfast)
Hotscakes Stew
Italian pancake (Pizza)
Scraped pizza leftover boil
Codfish balls from lumped hotscake batter
Raw spaghetti
Spaghetti ball (long spaghetti, shaped like a ball of string, cooked in small pot with no water)
Picture of potsroast in bottom of roast pan
Chopped chicken liver and chocolate syrup
Cornish hen/Yankee pot roast, mashed potatos, corn on the cob ("Hydrated" just add hot water)
Dee Dees' dehydrated Mason Dixon Southern fried chicken dinner
Dee Dees' dehydrated New England Boiled Dinner
Dee Dees' dehydrated New Orleans Pompano (includes a dehydrated bottle of wine)
Hots-kebabs (Flaming hot cakes on a skewer)
Spaghetti with orange juice sauce (Just like Dean Martin used to eat)
Hotscakes Goulash
Hotscakes Hamburger
Hotscakes Fishcakes

Upside downside up cake
7 layer hotscake cake w/chocolate syrup, shaving cream and waxed cherry
Hotscake cupcakes
20 pound pound cake
Cake in the box (Beeps when it is done)
Cake in a box (Part 2) Take a cake box, dumped in milk, whole (uncracked) eggs, shake it up and put it in the oven for 15 minutes.
Fruitcake (With an entire pineapple sticking out of the center)
Hotcakes a la mode (They're COLD hot cakes on top of HOT hot cakes)
"Cupcakes" (Hot cakes, made in coffee cups)

Coffee made by the "tea cup"
Coffee cooked without using water
THICK coffee that we never knew HOW she cooked it
Tea brewed in coffee
Martini shaken coffee
Melted chocolate bar hot chocolate
Coffee, cream and sugar brewed together
Lemonade (Puts whole uncut lemons in a pitcher and adds water)
“What’s It” (POSSIBLY coffee, but impossible to tell as the label had peeled off of the can she got from the cupboard)
Hot water (Lisa couldn't get the coffee can open)
Ice Coffee (An unopened can of coffee sumberged in an iced-down champagne bucket)