Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dawson the beagle

Here's a blog posting about my dog Dawson from Ellen Ellick, founder of the St. Louis Senior Dog Project, the not-for-profit rescue group I adopted Dawson from last year.

Dawson is shown below with Cherry, who cared for him for his first eight years and with whom I have become dear friends.
More photos of Dawson in the blog posting.

Please consider the St. Louis Senior Dog Project for your next dog. They have nothing but the best intentions -- for both the dogs they've rescued and the people wanting a loving pet. Since their volunteers foster care for the dogs in their homes, they'll be able to tell you -- with fairly high confidence -- how a particular dog will work out in your household, with your family members, with your schedule of being home vs. not being home, and so on.

As Ellen mentions in her blog, I've adopted two dogs (Dawson and Maddie) from them. And I won't hesitate to adopt from them again in the future.

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