Saturday, June 16, 2007

Darfur awareness and help

A lot of help is needed for people in Darfur, Sudan. Since 2003, 200,000-400,000 are murdered. 2-4 million are displaced to camps within Darfur and the neighboring country of Chad. Many of these people, including children, are malnourished and starving to death. Another 1 million Darfuris still live in their villages, under the constant threat of bombings, raids, murder, rape and torture. These are among the poorest people in Africa to begin with.

The United Nations and humanitarian groups like Amnesty International have a lot of relief workers on the grounds in Darfur and Chad offering help. But it is not enough.

As a small way to help, Yoko Ono has opened the songs in John Lennon's music catalog to be covered by a wide range of new and established artists. The resultant album is available for purchase on iTunes and in record stores. You'll find some outstanding covers and be offering help to others in the process.

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