Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Album Leaf

Today on iTunes, I was looking for something relaxing and different to listen to... something to play in the background while doing stuff at the computer and around the house. Well, I struck gold:

An album called In a Safe Place (iTunes link) by The Album Leaf.

What an incredible album! No vocals. Borderline hypnotic. Brought about a sense of both incredible focus and relaxation for me. And after listening to it a few times while editing photos and doing some other stuff at the computer, I took a short nap (something that's rare for me to do). Did the music relax me that much? Or did the focus enabled by the music make my mind tired? Or perhaps a little of both?

You don't notice where one track ends and another begins... you don't even think about that! The integration of the tracks creates such a complete listening experience.

More about The Album Leaf here and here. I think I've become a fan!

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