Sunday, July 22, 2007

Dang funny!

Remember the old days when you had to get a dang newspaper to keep up with your favorite comic strip? Well, times have changed. As proof of that, there's Dang Gnats!™, a St. Louis-based daily about "outspoken insects with too much time on their wings," according to Walt Jaschek, the human behind the gnats and cousin to the human behind scoodog's blog.

Check out Dang Gnats!™ for some dang good humor.

1 comment:

Dang Gnats! said...

Tom, thanks for the plug. We feel like the luckiest gnats in the world! And gnats are pretty luck to begin with.

P.S. We love Scoodog, and we love dogs, espcially the tail area. I mean, after all: we're gnats!