Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deflecting the lightsaber

My friend Wendy's 4-year-old son, Adam, is so cute -- and articulate! The other evening, he said this to me: "When I try to hit you with my lightsaber, you'll have to try to deflect it."

He said deflect! I think that word just entered my own vocabulary not too long ago!

More photos of Luke Skywalker Adam -- and his dog, Molly -- are here (courtesy of my iPhone).

And speaking of Molly, she is eight years old already! I remember the day when Wendy and Neil, my then-apartment-neighbors across the hall -- brought her home as a tiny puppy. Wendy often mentions how Molly thought my Scooter (namesake of scoodog's blog) was her momma. A Molly-Scooter reunion is called for!

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