Friday, August 17, 2007

20 years for Vick?

Court papers for Michael Vick said that he and his two accomplices executed eight dogs by methods such as hanging and drowning. These were dogs who did not perform well in testing sessions for Bad Newz Kennels, Vick's illegal dogfighting operation.

Makes me sick.

According to CNN, Vick has two choices: accept a guilty plea deal and serve a minimum one year in prison, or face further charges punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

I hope he doesn't accept the plea.

He needs to spend a lot more time in prison than one year.


Anonymous said...

Why would you say such a thing. He deserve more time because he's black? I don't understand why people are all over this Vick situation when we really need to focus on why we have soldier dying for no reason in Iraq. Why we have Soldier with missing arms and legs. Why we have soldier been taken away from their family in a war that should have never happen. Iraq was a so-call "threat" but its been how many years and they still have found evidences. How about the president going to jail for a long time for putting your soldier in a bad situation. Can you answer that?

scoodog said...

Vick should be in jail for more than a year because of the horrible nature of his killings. His race is irrelevant. And the problems in Iraq are no reason to ignore this problem.