Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Update (7:00 PM): The dog is safe and home. Details here. Original posting below.

The neighbor of a friend of mine's bulldog boxer was stolen from his yard last night, about 12 hours ago. Maplewood. The guy saw a white car speeding away from the house and then put things together when the dog was nowhere to be found in the yard. The dog is extremely sweet and wouldn't gave run off on his own.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Since it's within the first day, there may be some specific things we can do that otherwise cannot be done outside of such a window of time. I'm looking for specific ideas to pass along to my friend's neighbor that may help him recover his poor dog. Please add a comment to this posting of any ideas you may have.

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scoodog said...

While this situation had a happy ending, there may be others out there dealing with a similar situation and seeking help. So I'm going to post some of the great ideas I received today from friends:

(no particular order)

1. Get flyers up stating that the pet was stolen... include a description of the car.

2. Ask the neighborhood for help. Go door to door asking neighbors if they saw anything. I did that about a lawn mower that was stolen from inside my garage. Two girls up the street gave me a description about a car that was at the end of my driveway. The detective across the street from me said to keep my eyes open as they might come back... they did. A car coming up my street matched the description, so I walked out and got the license number at which time they realized I was watching them and they took off. They were caught.

3. Notify all shelters and vets in the area.

4. Notify the police.

5. Any reason to suspect someone in particular who may have taken the dog?

6. Yahoo has a K-9 Amber Alert group site... immediately list the dog here.

7. Generate as much attention as you can for the missing dog, tonight if possible: Make huge flourescent posters that say LOST DOG REWARD. If possible have people hold them up at intersections near where the dog was lost. Otherwise, post them in the usual manner. Go to to see the best way to make these signs.

8. A search dog is a good idea. If the dog was actually stolen, there is obviously no chance that the dog will pick up a scent trail and find him, but often the sight of a search dog in harness, etc., will generate a lot of interest.

9. If the dog is microchipped through HomeAgain, the owner can call HomeAgain and they will issue an email alert to people in the St. Louis area who will keep an eye out for the dog.

10. Consider the possibility that he was not stolen but is simply lost -- someone may have him.

11. Go to and follow the steps for "I Lost a Pet."

Thank you to all of my friends who contributed these ideas. These are the same people who came together to help find Mattie (see posts elsewhere on my blog), the dog who was in the car stolen last November from the U City Loop. Unfortunately, Mattie has still never been found. His owners continue to pursue every lead, though.

May Mattie's situation ultimately have a happy ending like this one.