Friday, August 03, 2007

scoodog's blog is on vacation... sort of

Okay, I'm not going fishin'. But that's close. I'm off to Branson, Missouri this morning for a few days of get-away with my sister-in-law, niece and nephews. But... thanks to the power of modern technology, YOU can be there, too.. kind of! Watch this space for live updates on the goings-on... But, please, don't sit at your computer 24x7 constantly hitting refresh... if you really wanted to come along that much, you should have let us know!!

UPDATE: The trip has ended. Here is the archive of the trip messages, in reverse-chronological order, captured about 30 minutes after the trip ended. Click for readable versions!

On a related note, it was a lot of fun to track fun moments of the trip!! So much fun that I'm continuing it, at random points during my life. So check out scoodog's mini-blog on the right-hand-side of scoodog's blog... you never know what you'll find... unless you happen to be me. :)


Cousin Walt said...

I am following your adventures with great interest and am highly disturbed you received no welcome greeting at the Branson Wal-Mart. Please try to shrug that off and have a great time anyway!

scoodog said...

Walt, thank you for your concern. Because of the concern of people like you, we are overcoming this great tragedy of not having felt welcome at the Branson Wal-Mart.