Friday, November 02, 2007

What a pose!

From last Sunday, left-to-right: Chilly (the dog who unplugs TVs and lamps... not sure why!), Andy (dressed as a lobster) and Oliver (in a fun Halloween sweater that he is still wearing... he loves it!). Chilly and Andy are my friend Mark's dogs. Oliver and I were on a walk and stopped over at Mark's house. Related photos here.

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Anonymous said...

The reason that I unplug electrical appliances that you mention, in addition to the DVD player and the phone charger, is to save electricity, protect the planet and reduce the risk of fire. Americans spend billions of dollars each year on electricity wasted on such items. This was reported on by CNN earlier this week. Please read
As to why I shred my owner's shower curtain when he leaves the bathroom door open, I am not telling.
Chilly Dog