Sunday, December 09, 2007

Santa and the dogs

From PetSmart, earlier today.

Upper photo (left-to-right): Dawson, who I adopted from St. Louis Senior Dog Project in April 2006; Bose, a deaf Corgi I'm fostering for Pet's Second Chance Welsh Corgi Rescue; Oliver, who I rescued in January from the streets of North City during the Mattie search; and Scooter, who I've had since 1998.

Lower photo (left-to-right): Rusty, who my friend Carolyn & I rescued from St. Louis Animal Control during the summer (again as part of the Mattie search) and who my friend Mark is fostering; and Andy and Chilly, Mark's permanent dogs who he's had for one year and five years, respectively.

Related gallery of photos here.


Amy said...

Nothing puts me in a holiday mood like photos of dogs with "Santa Paws"! And look at your pack, hanging their heads out the window! OMG THAT IS TOO CUTE!!! I do have to say, though, that U City is going to accuse you and Mark of opening your own animal shelters soon, if your numbers keep increasing!

scoodog said...

Thanks so much, Amy! I love it -- "Santa Paws!" I may use that title for next year's "dogs with Santa" posting! :)