Sunday, January 13, 2008

There's something in the air

Apple always seems to have something up its sleeves. This Tuesday is expected to be an opportunity for Steve Jobs to reveal something new and exciting. One year ago, it was the announcement of the wildly-successful iPhone and the not-so-wildly-successful Apple TV. What will it be this year?

Banners hanging at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, home of this week's Macworld conference, provide a clue -- of sorts. The banners tease: "2008 - There's something in the air" followed by the Apple logo.

As undoubtedly noticed by my faithful readers, I'm quite a fan of Apple and its products. I follow the Apple sites regularly -- if not daily! My favorite sites are MacDailyNews, MacMinute, RumorWatch, AppleInsider and MacRumors.

Time to make my hunches. In the past, I've been pretty close, pretty far off and somewhere in the middle. Here are my hunches for this Tuesday:
  • 16 GB iPhone (double the memory) added for $499 ($100 more than current 8 GB model, which remains).
  • iPhone software update previewed; available immediately for download.
  • Third-party applications for the iPhone will be available for purchase from the iTunes Store starting in March.
  • High-definition movie and TV show rentals available from the iTunes Store.
  • The Apple TV is replaced with a new device called the AirDisk that can hold and share all your household's media content -- music, photos, downloaded/rented TV shows and movies, podcasts. When transmitted to your TV or computer, that content becomes the "something in the air" that the Macworld banners refer to.  The new device is bigger than the old Apple TV and is expandable.


Tim said...

Just checking to see how your predictions played out.

Looks like you missed on number 1 and 3 (?), but got 2 and 4 right. And you get partial credit for number 5 even though you got the name wrong.

First the iPhone had a price cut and now the Apple TV. You early adopters are paying a high price. Looks like the new Apple TV will be much cooler though.

scoodog said...

Thanks Tim, but I think you are a bit too kind! I should only get partial credit for #4, too. I predicted HD TV shows (which didn't happen -- only HD movies).

I just downloaded the iPhone software update. It's very cool. They really improved the Maps application (MUCH easier and very cool) and the ability to save web bookmarks on the home screen(s) is very handy.

You gotta love Apple. They make all this computer stuff pretty fun.

Brewster said...

I gotta get an Apple TV, I think it finally has everything I want . Looks super cool. And with my Harmony remote, should be a seamless addition to the AV system

scoodog said...

One other BIG announcement I completely missed: The MacBook Air, the "world's thinnest notebook," showed off by the folks at The Today Show here.