Sunday, February 10, 2008

Miracles with paws

The following hangs in my vet's examination room, amongst all the charts about vaccinations and general care. I often read through it as I'm waiting for him to come in. I recall it, in particular, two years ago this April, as my elderly dog Brandy lay unconscious, about to be put to sleep. It helped me feel a little bit better, reminding me to focus on the nice times that far outweigh the hard times.
Dogs are miracles with paws


Mattie said...

Tom, I don't know how you've been able to have the number of relationships you've had with dogs. Seems to me like the pain would be so great each time you lose one. Since we've lost Mattie I've been a wreck. You've got a really good outlook and perspective on life!

scoodog said...

Thanks -- I appreciate that comment. What you've gone through with Mattie is, sadly, such a tough kind of loss. That's what immediately drew me to your situation and prompted me to volunteer to help find him.

I think there's a silver lining to loss, though. It wakes us up and helps us put things in perspective. In April 2006, I lost my dog Maddie to bone cancer and then just 8 days later lost Brandy to essentially old age (sudden liver failure). It was a double whack and it hit me so hard. What really made a huge difference was the kindness of others, and the enlightening conversation and thinking shared by others about dealing with loss and growing as a result -- and how such growth can be interpreted as a last gift from the loved one you've lost.

Around that time in 1996, a friend of mine's son got very ill, and a close friend of her's shared what I think describes that "silver lining" I referred to earlier:

"Tragedy is in our lives everyday, and has always been around us... I think these tragedies or "disruptions in the force" are what help us become more empathetic and compassionate regarding the life and trials around us. I think God puts things in our path to help us grow into the people we are supposed to become."