Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Five hundred!

Congrats to Ellen Ellick and the St. Louis Senior Dog Project for finding homes for 500 dogs in 2008! As Ellen points out on her blog:
They came from everywhere -- shelters, owners, puppymills, the streets, and even a few from a research facility. Some came to us in good shape, ready to slide easily into new homes. Others needed a lot of work before they were ready. We hope they're all happy now.
I've adopted twice from the St. Louis Senior Dog Project. There was Maddie, who I adopted in 2003 and who passed away in 2006, and Dawson, who I adopted two weeks after Maddie's passing and who continues to be a lot of fun!

Below is one of my favorite photos of Maddie. She's on the left and is with Brandy (who I also lost in 2006). For some reason I had woken up at 5 AM (very early for me!) to find Maddie and Brandy on the same dog bed. I don't think either of them realized that they were sharing the bed until I turned the light on. Camera in hand, I was thrilled to capture the stunned look on Maddie's face!

Good morning!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dog walks

Trying to do more dog walks. The dogs love them and the exercise (for them and me) is great! Here are some photos from a couple of dog walks over the weekend: