Monday, August 10, 2009

Don't worry... crop away!

As I'm editing some photos I took at my niece Jaime's birthday party, I found myself struggling with a cropping issue. Is it best to get a person's whole head in the photo, or is it okay to crop the top of the person's head slightly?

From searching the web, I liked this advice:
If it looks good to you, and captures something you like, then
don't worry about it.
And here's a good one:
There is a famous story about a famous photographer who did a portrait of the famous Marilyn Monroe. In his excitement he cut off the top of her head. When he apologized to her she said, "Don't worry. Everyone knows I have a top to my head. No one will miss it.
And here's the photo that got me started:

Jaime - Sweet 17!

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