Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Review: The Apple iPad Case

I just posted this on the Apple Store and thought I'd post it here, too:
The Apple iPad Case protects the iPad very well. More so, it actually adds a lot of functionality, believe it or not. It allows the iPad to sit up at an angle while typing. This is great when the iPad is on a desk or when it's on your lap. I'm typing on it that way while on my lap right now.

Also, and this I just realized last night: you can sit the iPad up on the wide edge (when the cover is tucked into the slot in the back) and then the iPad is like a little TV. Great for watching videos on it.

And from a protection perspective, the extra slight protrusion around the edges protects it from damage in the case of bumps or falls. And the flap that covers the screen is perfect.

Lastly, from a style perspective, while the soft microfiber gets dirty looking, it's easy to wipe off and clean. And when it does look dirty, it actually looks kinda cool in my opinion. Has a bit of a grunge look combined with the gray Apple logo on the front of the case. I just love it.

And I wasn't so sure about this case at first. But now I wouldn't trade it for anything else.


David Warner said...

My only quibble is that the built-up edges of the case make it a bit hard to operate some of the switches -- the volume controls, for example -- on the side of the iPad.

scoodog / digging iPhoneography said...

David, thanks for the comment! And I do agree with you.

Charles Maclauchlan said...

They didn't have that case when I got my iPad so I have a thicker silicone case that I like. It offers protection and it's flat. Only problem is that these silicone cases are trash magnets.